Food and Drinks Policy
1. You are welcome to bring your own food.
2. We only sell snacks and soft drinks.
3. Alcohol is NOT sold and NOT allowed at Karaoke 101.


Room Etiquette

1. For your safety, please do not dance on the tables or couches.

2. We ask you to keep the room as clean as possible

3. Please do not drop the microphones

4. Your party is fully responsible of damages to any item/property of Karaoke 101


F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do the rooms have tables?
Each room has a minimum of one small coffee table (4x3)

Small/Medium/Large = 1 Table

VIP = 2 Tables


How many rooms do you have? And how many mics in each room?

Small = 6 Rooms 2 Mics

Medium = 2 Rooms 3 Mics

Large = 1 Room 4 Mics

VIP = 1 Room 4 Mics


How can I reserve a room?
1. Find out which room would accommodate your party

2. Give us a call and check the availability

3. Pay for your reservation in full.

4. Your reservation is final. Deposits are NOT refundable or transferable to any other day.


How can I make a deposit?
The easiest way is to do it over the phone, with a valid credit/debit card (Visa, MC, DISC). If you are not comfortable doing it over the phone, you can pay in person but we cannot reserve you a room until we get a deposit.


If I do not want to make a reservation, can I walk in?

A: You are welcome to walk in, but we cannot guarantee that you will get a room, especially for Fridays and Saturdays.


What is your Late Policy on the reservations?
A: We are not responsible if you are late, your reservation will start at the original time given by you. We ask you to choose a time frame you are comfortable with when making the reservation.


Do I need to choose how many hours I want to sing when I make the reservation?
Yes, we need a start time and an end time. You pay for what you reserve.

What if I do not know how many hours I want to sing?

You can reserve less hours (you will be responsible to pay less), and you can have the option to extend as long as there is no reservation after you.

How likely will someone reserve after me?
If your reservation ends early (8pm-11pm), it is highly possible that someone will reserve after you.

Could I change the times of my reservation?

A: A: It is very unlikely, due to the possibility of conflicting with other reservations.

Could I change the date of my reservation?

A: A: You can, but you will lose your payment. (Paid reservations do not transfer to other days)


What is All You Can Sing?
It is a flat fee per person. AYCS is available Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays.
*Exclusions apply on Holiday weekends - please call for more information*


Do I still need to make a reservation even though I am planning on doing All You Can Sing?
A: To guarantee yourself a room, you should always make a reservation. For "All You Can Sing" you would have to pay for a certain amount of people, please call for more information.

Which rooms are on the second floor and how do you access the second floor?
It is only accessible via stairs; we do not have an elevator. Both medium rooms and VIP are located on the second floor. We have three small rooms and the Large room (10-12 people) on the bottom floor, please advise the staff member if you need to reserve a room on the bottom floor.

Is there an age limit?
Any age is welcome. Just keep in mind some songs you might choose can contain explicit graphics or lyrics not suited for minors.

Is there a way to view your song list online?
No, but you can come in and view it here. Just ask the staff member.

Can you plug in a mobile device or laptop to your sound system?
No, our system is not programmed to take other devices.


Since you only have Chinese and American music, can we bring our own music?
Even if you did, it cannot be uploaded to the program.

Is your system English friendly?
Yes, our digital system is English friendly, equipped with smart search.